Editor is rich text editor component based on Quill.

import Editor from 'primevue/editor';

Editor uses Quill editor underneath so it needs to be installed as a dependency.

npm install quill

A model can be bound using the standard v-model directive.

<Editor v-model="value" editorStyle="height: 320px" />

When readonly is present, the value cannot be edited.

<Editor v-model="value" editorStyle="height: 320px" readonly />

Editor provides a default toolbar with common options, to customize it define your elements inside the header element. Refer to Quill documentation for available controls.

<Editor v-model="value" editorStyle="height: 320px">
    <template v-slot:toolbar>
        <span class="ql-formats">
            <button v-tooltip.bottom="'Bold'" class="ql-bold"></button>
            <button v-tooltip.bottom="'Italic'" class="ql-italic"></button>
            <button v-tooltip.bottom="'Underline'" class="ql-underline"></button>

Screen Reader

Quill performs generally well in terms of accessibility. The elements in the toolbar can be tabbed and have the necessary ARIA roles/attributes for screen readers. One known limitation is the lack of arrow key support for dropdowns in the toolbar that may be overcome with a custom toolbar.