PRO Support
Community Support

Forum and Discord are where the community users gather to seek support, post topics and discuss the technology. GitHub issue tracker is the channel where community users can create tickets however PrimeTek does not guarantee a response time although they are monitored and maintained by our staff. If you need to secure our response within 1 business day, you may consider PRO support instead.

PRO Support

With PRO support, it's easy to support, tune and add features to PrimeVue as if it were an in- house library. PRO is a term based commercial support service. With the exclusive services of PRO account, it is no longer needed to post questions in community forum and issue reports to community issue tracker at GitHub. A JIRA account will be created to the customer by PrimeTek, this account can be shared between any number of users within your organization.

Enterprise Support

1 Year Subscription

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  • Access to Private JIRA
  • Response within 1 business day
  • Unlimited Issue Tickets
  • Conference Calls
  • Maintenance for Any Version
  • PrimeBlocks - Enterprise License
  • Figma UI Kit - Enterprise License
  • 1 Premium Template - Extended License
  • Visual Theme Builder (Soon)
  • Figma to Theme Generator (Soon)
Enhancement Credits

New features and enhancement requests are not available in core services and provided via a credit based model instead named PrimeCredit. When you have an enhancement request, initially our team will review your requirement to verify if it is suitable to be included in the open source core library. We cannot guarantee that all requests can be accepted depending on the project roadmap, workload at the time and type of the requirement. After successful verification, we prepare an initial estimate in terms of credits and once this estimate is confirmed by you, implementation will be delivered by our team within an estimated timeframe.

New Components

Brand new components you need that are not already available in the existing UI suite.

New Features

Enhancements to the components you need such as new properties, events and templating.

UX Customization

Behavioral changes to the existing components.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the duration of the service?

Support service is for one year.

How many JIRA accounts do we get?

We provide one shared account per organization that any number of members in your organization can use it.

What happens if we extend after 1 year and we have unused tickets?

Unused tickets expire and cannot be transferred to the new subscription.

When can we purchase PrimeCredits for feature development?

PrimeCredits can be purchased anytime during an active subscription.

Are all of our requests guaranteed to be implemented with PrimeCredits?

No, PrimeTek does not guarantee the implementation so it is suggested to confirm with us before purchasing credits.

Can we get PrimeCredits without PRO support?

No, feature development is exclusive to PRO members.

Is there a limit on developers in our organization who can use the service?

PRO is per organization so there is no limit on the number of developers.

What is not covered by PRO?

As PRO support focuses on the library, application consulting and code reviews are out of scope.